Going to an audiologist does not have to be a daunting exercise. We believe that your complete satisfaction with our audiological services is our highest priority, provided by Liza van Wyk and team.

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Our available services

The Hearing Hub provides you with the best possible hearing solutions when you need it. Hearing aids are available for your specific hearing loss. We also provide added value by optimising your hearing aid so that it performs at it's best. The Hearing Hub will deal with your Medical Aid Scheme on your behalf to assist in making this new journey as seamless as possible. Many people are unaware that a portion of the purchase of your hearing aids may be tax-deductible. We take pride in our after sales care and conveniently optimize, maintain and repair hearing aids along with many other services.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can adjust to your surroundings automatically. The latest computerized hearing aid technology ensures hearing in all listening situations, and focuses on reducing background noise and bettering the listening situations where it difficult to hear speech. We use specialized procedures and equipment to optimize your hearing aid settings..

Hearing Loss

Hearing problems occurs when there's a problem with or damage to one or more parts of the ear and on the hearing system. Hearing Hub provides their clients with all the required testing for any forms of hearing problems whether it be Auditory Processing Disorders, Conductive or Sensorineural hearing losses.

Comprehensive Testing

The Hearing Hub takes the time to understand the many hearing difficulties facing each client, and ensure that we provide the best possible solution for each situation. We offer diagnostic hearing test with the use of some of the best audiometric equipment.

Paediatric Audiology

Early detection is essential to leading a normal life with a hearing impairment. We have specialized equipment to cater for babies and children and test babies when a hearing a problem is suspected. Hearing loss may lead to a speech or language delay.

Lifestyle Products

The Hearing Hub can assist with all major hearing protection and lifestyle products, whether it be custom-made hearing protection, sleep plugs or swim plugs. Protecting your ears with these lifestyle products are essential, contact us today.

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